Q. Why is there a devotion to the Infant?

Q. When is the feast day for the Infant Jesus?
According to Father Anastasio of the Shrine of the Infant Jesus in Arenzano Italy, the official feast day is always the third week of May. Last year, it was on May 27 2001.This year, it will be on May 26 2002.

Q. What does the Original Infant Look Like?

Q. What does the Infant Chaplet look like and how do you pray it?

Q. Where can I get a chaplet of my own?
A. Any Catholic bookstore or merchandise shop would be a great place to start.

Q. Can I download a large picture of the Infant Jesus from your site?
A. Yes. Please visit our photo gallery We've downloaded a bigger image for your enjoyment. Please note however that the copyright is not owned by us. In every case, we have included the name of the owner of the images or in some cases, where/how to contact them. All other pictures in the gallery have been sent to us by people like you or have been issued by local devotees.

Q. Who does this website belong to and what is its purpose?
A.The website was initially developed for and generously donated to promote the needs of the "Canadian Friends of the Infant Jesus Society." However as of 2001, this website has been changed to serve only the Infant Jesus devotion and has no other mandate. Please redirect any questions regarding the "Society's" activities to Susan Hauck (604-

Q. What is your mission statement?
A. The purpose of this site is to establish a virtual place where people can learn about their own private devotion
to the Infant Jesus of Prague. All prayers have been published for easy access and printability. We encourage you to share them with friends and family.

Q. Which priest is presiding over the site?
A. Although no particular priest is presiding over the site, the information and prayers were compiled by Father John Horgan of Sts. Peter & Paul parish, Vancouver for the production of the Vancouver-published infant jesus prayer books. For your enjoyment, the information/prayers have been reproduced on this website. Our main source & inspiration for this site is the official prayerbook issued by Our Lady of Victory Church in Prague. We have ensured that all devotional material is strictly supported by the Catholic church.

Q. Is this page being updated regularly?
A. No. The contents of this site will remain as is. Despite efforts, it has been very difficult to find someone who is passionate about the devotion, who would like to do this on a voluntary basis and who is comfortable with online production. At present, there are no plans to have regular updates.

Q Who designed this website?
A. This site was designed and developed through the extreme generosity of a local Web firm who would like to remain anonymous. Although they do not share a specific devotion to the Holy Infant or are affiliated with the members of the Canadian Friends of Infant Jesus, they recognize the importance of the lessons this devotion teaches and appreciate the spiritual value this website represents.

Although this site does not represent the Canadian Friends Society, website hosting costs have been generously funded by individual members of that group.

Q. Isn't it considered idoltry to worship the Infant Jesus statue?
A. It has often been misconstrued that Catholics "worship" statues. Catholics don't "worship" statues, paintings or anything else that bears a resemblence to either Jesus, Mother Mary, the Saints or anyone else. This statement which is has been snipped from the official Infant Jesus site in Prague clarifies the issue:

"It is not idolatry, because every faithful knows God dwells into our hearts, and He is out of reach of mankind, and no image could capture him or his divine power."

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