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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does the Original Infant Look Like?

From the artistic point of view the Infant Jesus of Prague is a wax statue approximately 45 inches tall, it represents a three-year-old child in a long white robe, with only the bare feet visible. The hair created with an utmost care forms a splendid frame to the graceful face admired for its perfection and beauty.

The Infant Jesus' valuable clothes are changed by Carmelite Sisters of the Infant Jesus according to the periods of the religious year and to various important state and international occasions. The wardrobe contains over seventy dresses made of old fabric, adorned with gold and silver or with embroidered religious or national ornaments of the respective countries. The oldest preserved dress came from a period around 1700 - it is richly decorated with embroidery from gold and silver threads. Underneathe the dress, the Infant wears a simple long shirt protecting the wax body from abrasion by the dress.

To see some pictures of the the vestments the Child Jesus wears, please go to the official Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague page where you can see how the Infant is dressed.

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