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Why is there a Devotion?

Consecration to the Holy Child of Prague

Prayer to the Child Jesus recitated every evening in the Sanctuary of Arenzano

Prayer by Father F. Cyril OCD

Prayer revelated by our Lady (to the venerable Father F. Cyril OCD)

Novena to the Child Jesus

Morning Prayer to the Child Jesus

Prayer To Be Said by a Sick Person

Prayer To Be Said FOR a Sick Person

Advent Prayer (not an official devotional prayer)

A Commentary provided by a unknown

That canonized saints and so many others have recognized the need of devotion to the Infant King is not hard to understand. Far back in Old Testament times the prophet Isaiah spoke of a little "shoot" that was to bud from the stock of Jesse (Is. 11).

The spirit of the Lord would rest on this one of David's line and at His coming there would be messianic peace throughout the land, for "a little child shall lead them." The evangelists of the New Testament see this prophecy fulfilled in Christ.

He is the true Prince of Peace so long awaited. Son of Mary, who is of David's line, He is at the same time the eternal Son of God.

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