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Why is there a Devotion?

Consecration to the Holy Child of Prague

Prayer to the Child Jesus recitated every evening in the Sanctuary of Arenzano

Prayer by Father F. Cyril OCD

Prayer revelated by our Lady (to the venerable Father F. Cyril OCD)

Novena to the Child Jesus

Morning Prayer to the Child Jesus

Prayer To Be Said by a Sick Person

Prayer To Be Said FOR a Sick Person

Advent Prayer

Special Prayer for the Advent & Christmas Season

As the advent and christmas season begins, we ask the Lord to help us to prepare ourselves by opening our hearts and minds to the many graces that He has showered upon us during these challenging times. As we pray for our families, friends and loved ones both present and in God's kingdom; we confidently ask for peace that it may infiltrate our hearts, our minds and the very fabric of this world in which we live.

We ask that He direct us toward hope instead of despair and give us a lively appreciation of the goodness that surrounds us. We also pray with faith that the Blessed Mother of God who by her obedience and humility brought forth our Saviour into this world, will continue to encourage us through her intercession and help us to know her Son more intimately. We invite the full intercession of the heavenly court that they may inspire us and help us in our daily needs.

Finally, we continue to ask the Child Jesus that He continues to extend his Almighty hand over a world in need of healing and peace and to open our hearts to those who would benefit from our help and generosity. Let us be infused by His mercy, His kindness, His wisdom, His light. Amen


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